BLOG POST 7: Claims and Supports.

Adultolescents are people who have graduated from college or graduate school and move in back with their parents.  At this age most of them are expected to move out on their own and be independent.  However, today the number of adultolescents is increasing.  Many times, adultolescents cannot afford to live out on their own because of the competitive, shrinking job market.  Many of them cannot find jobs in this economy.

Adultolescents exist all over the United States.   Their existence is formed from the love of their parents.  Parents simply cannot say no to their children.  They want to help them and make their lives easier.  In this economy, if a college graduate cannot find a job, they cannot live on their own.  Parents want to be there to support them while they get a job.

In paragraph 8 – 11 it explains how parents today are too willing to help their children out.  One man flew from Hawaii to San Fransisco to make sure his daughter did everything she could to get a job.  Parents have been too involved in their children’s lives, and now they have not changed.  College and graduate school graduates still rely on their parents help and support to be successful in the world.

I think it is a horrible situation.  If a graduate needs to be independent, they will have more incentive to find a job and be successful.  However, if they know they have a safety net to fall back on they will always be struggling to do better.  Parents cannot be there all the time to help their child.  They need to know that the child has to do it on their own.  Parents wont always be there and if one relies on them their whole life.  It may be difficult once theyre gone.

Parents should not help their children after college or graduate school.  At that point it is up to the graduate to make their own decisions.  Parents should only provide good advice but should never be at the driver’s seat.  At that point their child is an adult and should be able to make their own decisions.  They should have the resources themselves to find a job.  Parents should not still be providing for their childs every need.


Evaluating Sources

The article about affirmative action by the State University blog is a poor, nonacademic source.  The site and author are unverified and the site itself is a blog.  In a blog anyone can publish any information regardless if it is fact or not.  The author does not post any credentials and is not a professional.  After further research on the author, their only published information is on the State University blog.  The author does not include any citations for the facts they posted.  The article was also not dated how ever after looking through the archive of the blog it was found that it was posed in 2008, because affirmative action is an important topic for debate this article may not be current.

The second article about affirmative action by Understand Prejudice was a much more academic source.  It included a long list of references and in-text citations.  The site is a .org site however it is backed by the Social Psychology Network Organization which seems like a reputable organization.  This article was in a textbook and the citation for the textbook is also included.  The site also has contact info.  It was written in 1996 and updated in 2003.

The NanoDocs article from the Dwayne Medical Center is a hoax.  After doing some investigation on the Dwayne Medical Center, other sites concluded it was an elaborate hoax.  The site is very well designed which makes one believe it is real.  Also, while looking through the site there are many humorous medical procedures that do not make any sense.  Nowhere on the site does it state it is a hoax and the site includes everything any other hospital would include.  There is even a space for a patient to sign in to see their status as a patient.

The article by the CDC about HIV and Aids is also another good academic source.  It is a .gov site which automatically makes it good unbiased information.  The article does not include an author however it does include citations for all the graphs and charts.  The article along with all the graphs is current.  Also, the CDC site includes contact information and there are a few links at the bottom of the page for further information on the topic.

The article by Alcohol In Moderation called, “Pregnant woman can safely drink in moderation,” at first glance seems like a poor choice for an academic article.  The site seems unprofessional.  However, after looking further at the site it seems like a good source to use.  The author includes all the sources they used in the article.  The website also includes a list of doctors, professors, and other professionals that submit articles and do research for them.  They also include contact information for the makers of the site.

The article I chose for my second essay called, “The Use of Wind Power Should be Increased,” is a good academic source.  It is written by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).  The authors name and publication date are included along with all the sources the author used in the article.  The article was found on Gale Cengage Learning which is a company that specifically finds academic sources.

The Social Network

It seems as if the critic, David Carr, enjoyed this movie, The Social Network.  Carr is definitely familiar with the movie scene.  He named the director and screen writer and other important cast members and all other big films they have all been involved with.  He seems very enthused about the story and plot.  He praises the director for being a perfectionist and redoing many scenes to make them exactly the way he likes them.  Carr comments on a few things that he does not like however, it seems as if he liked the movie overall.  He critiques on many things including, acting, plot, nature, and famous lead roles.  He likes the fact that the movie is about facebook something most people today are familiar with.  He makes comments about the casting and how he thinks the characters are fitting for their roles.  He compares The Social Network to many other movies that the director and screen writer have been involved in.  He does not state his intended audience.  I feel it is implied that it is New York Times readers interested in movies.

Black Men Ski

I thought Stew’s song was hilarious yet thought provoking.  Stew is trying to point out racial stereotypes and how they do not matter anymore.  As he starts off by stating that he saw a black man in Aspen skiing, he later also says that, “Chinese guys can jump real high and Germans cook soul food.”  He’s pointing out that all the normal black stereotypes are now taken up by other races, while black men are also doing the same.  Dissolving the normal current stereotypes of today will lead to a less racist world tomorrow.

Stew’s audience would be the American public who believes in these stereotypes.  With his performance he wants to dissolve these stereotypes and change the way people look at race and automatically think of these ideas.  His jokes were very funny and I thought the performance discussed and shed a light on a serious topic but in a light hearted manner.  It was definitely easier to process than Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”  It is a quick way to share an idea about a very big issue still today.  Many people would be quick to watch a 4 minute video compared to doing other extensive reading on the topic.

Statement by Alabama Clergymen

The main issue of the statement by the Alabama Clergymen was that racism is a growing problem in the United States.  They mainly focus on the demonstrations led by the African American leaders of the community.  They believe that they are untimely, unwise and cause violent outbreaks against the African American community. They comment how the demonstrations have had been depicted in a negative way by all people in the community including law enforcement and the local news.

The Alabama Clergymen directed the statement towards African Americans who used demonstrations to convey their messages of unfair treatment.  The clergymen decided that the demonstrations caused more trouble and figured they did not have much impact on the general public.  When they released the statement to the public they hoped to convince African Americans to stop all their demonstrations and instead use peaceful negotiations between the leaders of the African American and white communities.

The clergymen are stating that they realize how African Americans feel; however believe that they are using the wrong notions for change.  They are sympathizing with African Americans about how their demonstrations have been depicted and are trying to reach a settlement.  They suggested that maybe they rather take the situations to court or have local leaders participate in negotiations.

The statement is not convincing at all.  I find it offensive that they still refer to African Americans as “negros”.  Also they obviously don’t realize that court trials will not be helpful because the majority of the justice system, especially in the south, will be very biased.  Also negotiations with only the leaders at most will convince the leaders of the white community however that doesn’t necessarily mean the whole community will be effected by the meeting.  The clergymen are trying to strip the African Americans of their rights to assemble and of free speech.  This statement issued by the Alabama Clergymen did not convince me as a reader, therefore I doubt it convinced any African Americans during the Civil Rights movement in Alabama.

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